Reminder : Illegal Photocopying!
  Spare a thought for the artist and please read the following:

These are some of the effects of making illegal copies of sheet music or recordings:

COMPOSERS lose out on copy sales. They are professional musicians and deserve to receive the rightful monetary compensation for their talent and hard work in the sales of copies.

PERFORMING MUSICIANS, both professional and amateur, lose revenue in recordings, and pay higher costs for the purchase of scores. Works become difficult to obtain when deleted from catalogues.

PUBLISHERS see falling sales, causing at worst music being out of print owing to less demand.

RETAILERS are losing significant sales, which means that they cannot carry stocks as before, causing the obtaining of copies to take longer when ordered.

For the attention of choirs : if you buy one copy for perusal then please order the correct number for your choir.

Infringement of the Laws of Copyright can incur penalties, which include fines and/or damages to be paid to the owner of the copyright, and at the worst, imprisonment.

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